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Information About

Our business was established in 2018, by a small team of wargaming and board gaming enthusiasts that wanted to play with better components that enhance the experience without breaking the bank.  We believe in being practical - durability, ease of painting, flexible use in multiple game settings, etc.

Our Brands

We also operate other brands where we sell our products:

  • - Carefully crafted products for a unique and elevated gaming experience.
  • - Board Game accessories that make your experience so much better.
  • - A practical and affordable source for all of your wargaming needs.

Meet the Team

 Jose Anes Photo

José Anés, Store Manager
Dedicating his full attention to building a source for practical, affordable, wargaming terrain solution.  Trying to understand customer needs and what makes people enjoy their gaming more.

I love hosting board game nights and I also love wargaming in the WWII and Fantasy generes.  In a previous life I did Software Development and Product Management for Network Management companies.

Brander Sablebadger Photo
Brander "SableBadger" Roullett, Digital Designer
A Software professional with a passion for gaming - both, Wargaming and Board Gaming.  You can find some of his freely available 3D Design files on and his paid content on his Patreon and on this website.  He is published game author - check out his games.